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Rare High Quality Metal Videos - Trading Site

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Write me if you'd like to do a trade, but please do not write and ask me if I want any HBB episodes. I've got all of the HBB shows that I need, and more.
Please check my Want List.

About Me:


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My name is Ryan, music has been a huge part of my life since I was very young. I started collecting music when I was only 13, and that's around the same time that I started this site, back in 2001, and yes I am still active (Unlike 90% of traders from back then who dropped off the list). I'm still here and I'm still collecting.

Not only do I love metal & rock, I also have a passion for horror movies, but that's a whole different story and it would take me forever to get into all that (my horror collection, props, posters, vintage shirts, original VHS releases, DVD's and much more).

This site is dedicated to metal, I've got a huge Anthrax collection, which I started in 2002 and have found just about everything I ever wanted. Today I just collect videos.

Remember, this is only my hobby, not my job. Even though you may have something I want on my list doesn't mean I'm going to die if I don't get it. Sure I've been looking for this stuff for a long time, but just because you have one or two videos from my wants list doesn't mean you can get all of my videos in my collection. I'm here for a reasonable trade, I have never ripped anyone off, but I've been ripped off several times, so if you intend to rip me off in any way, please look elsewhere.

DVD-R Media & Rules:

-Do not ask for 'Free Stuff'- I have had too many people write me and ask 'Where can I download your videos from for free?'. Apparently there is no way, I am TRADING here people. The only way you can get my videos is if you have something I need, then I will either send you what you want on a DVD-R, or I will upload them for a LIMITED TIME of 1 download only, then remove the file. Keep this in mind, I'm tired of freeloaders emailing me with ignorant questions.

-I only use 3 brands of DVD-R's, I only use high quality, name brand DVD-R's.

-The 3 brands I use are: Sony AccuCore, Verbatim (Silver Tops) and the best, Taiyo Yuden - I do not like Memorex brand DVD-R's at all, I also don't like Phillips, or the DVD-R's with the white surface. I have lost many valuable DVD's to those specific brands. After years they start to rot away, so I do not use them, nor do I want to receive them. So in other words, PLEASE, no off-brand or cheap DVD-R's. Please keep this in mind.

-PLEASE only burn at the slowest speed (while using a PC DVD Burner) - I only burn at 4x, there is a good reason for this. Because 90% of the time, when burning at the fastest speed (16x or 24x), you are burning too fast, and there may be errors on the disc later. So please keep in mind while trading, that slowest speeds are best.


-If I recieve something from you that has problems copying or playing, I will ask for a replacement - If you do not replace the disc, you will not get what you've asked me for in return. I do not want discs with errors on it.

-No Re-Recorded DVD-R Crap - This means if you have a DVD that I want, and you don't have a PC DVD Burner, DO NOT send me a Re-Recorded DVD-R that was recorded twice on a standalone DVD Recorder. If you only have a standalone DVD Recorder and just a copy (not the original VHS copy) of the video or show that I need, we will work something else out, either through an online trade with the original .ISO image of the original DVD, or simply send me the original DVD-R through the mail and I will make 2 copies, one for me and one to send back to you, along with your original copy. I have done this many times for friends. I have gotten a few of those Re-Recorded DVD-R's where you can clearly see the menu from the original DVD-R on the screen, and they ALL look like total GARBAGE. I do NOT want this crap. Please have some common sense, you are doubling up on the pixels, making the resolution worse and ruining the quality of the video when you do this.

-I DON'T want .avi quality crap, youtube downloaded crap, or anything recorded with capture cards. - I can tell if something has been transfered from youtube or a shitty .avi file (cause it's eaten up with pixels). I am very picky about video quality. If I wanted garbage taken from youtube, or .avi quality crap, I could get it myself. I've probably said this a thousand times on my website alone, but some people STILL can't get this through their heads. Youtube and compressed .avi quality video is total crap! It is not worth my time. You will not recieve that crap from me, and I don't expect to recieve it from you.

-I prefer media recorded in XP Mode on a Standalone DVD Recorder - if what I want is 2 hours long? Record it on 2-Discs on a standalone DVD Recorder in XP Mode. If it's 3 Hours long, record it on 3-Discs on a standalone DVD Recorder. I don't care if it's 10 Hours long, record it on 10-Discs then! This just means you get more DVD's from me through trade. I am not one of those assholes who says '1 Show For One DVD!', No. If you record a 2 or 3 hour long show for me in XP Mode on 2 or 3 DVD's, you will get 3 DVD's from me in return. I have met a lot of traders who have this whole '1 Show No Matter How Many Discs' policy, and they are jerks. You will get a fair and equal trade from me. You are doing ME a favor, recording the shows that I want to my specifications, so I will do you fair as well.


-I actually prefer the DVD-R's with the plain standalone DVD Recorder menu! - I know the difference between the standalone DVD Recorder menu and a shitty NeroVision menu. Keep in mind I've been doing this for years, I will NOT accept ANYTHING done with NeroVision. I prefer to have the original standalone DVD Recorder menu intact, I do not want it removed or altered in any way. If I get anything with a NeroVision menu, or no menu at all, you could have easily just taken the media from an .avi file for all I know.


-I WILL ACCEPT VHS TAPES! - I actually would prefer a VHS tape over some capture card recorded nightmare or a low quality .avi file, so if you have an original VHS tape, and you do not have the ability to record it to DVD-R yourself, feel free to send me your original tape and I will record it to DVD-R for you, I will send you back your original tape along with a digitized copy of your tape, and whatever else you would like from my list. I have done this many times for friends.


-I can record in PAL or NTSC now! - I have recently purchased a universal VCR, that can play in both PAL or NTSC format VHS tapes, so I am able to take PAL tapes and put them on DVD-R finally! So please, if you have something I need from my list, and it's sitting on a PAL tape, feel free to send it my way, and I will gladly transfer it for you to DVD, and send your original tape back along with a digitized copy, and whatever else you would like from my list!

-I need PROOF! - A picture can say a thousand words. I need proof that you have what you claim to have. Screenshots are VERY important. I don't have time to bullshit with people who just want to rip me off, you know who you are. I need either a screenshot of the videos/shows I want that you may have, or perhaps a 30 second sample of the video playing. If you have what you say you have, and are unable to take screenshots (which I have had some bullshitters claim in the past), take a picture of your TV playing the video/show that I want. I need to know for SURE that you have what I need, and if you don't have proof, I'm not going to waste my time. You can tell me you have one of the videos or shows on my list all day, until you turn blue in the face, but if you can't provide proof, I'm calling bullshit on you. Also, like I mention below, if something I want is on this whole 'No Trade' rule, then you are probably full of shit, and you're wasting my time, so don't bother to contact me in the first place. You may see some 'Rare Trade Only' stuff on my list, but I do not have any 'Not For Trade' crap rules on my site. If I don't want to trade something under any circumstance, I don't list it, and I do have quite a few things that I do not want to trade, at all. So keep this in mind.

-I am from America, but I will gladly trade internationally. Those are usually the trades that I want the most, traders from Europe and Japan. So please contact me for a trade if you've got something I need, regardless of where you are located. 


I hope I covered everything above, if you have any questions, contact me at:

Here's a picture of my Anthrax shelf, this is only some of my Anthrax collection, I've got much more that I can't fit in this shelf, but this is my more prized possessions, my Anthrax shorts, most of my Anthrax Japanese import CD's, some brand new, unworn vintage shirts, signed CD's, stickers, vinyls, posters, signed drumsticks, and of course, the NOTMAN doll made in Japan!

(Click on the pictures to enlarge):

One of my DVD Shelves:

I wanted to show this off, as you can probably tell I'm also a big fan of Zinatra, I've got a collection of Zinatra stuff. This is one of my favorites in my whole collection. It's an original shirt, actually worn by the guitar player Gino Rerimassie! This belonged to him, there was only 3 of them made in the entire world back in the late 80's. It was made by Phillips - 'Moving Sound'. Saying that this is rare is an EXTREME understatement. The band's original producer sent me this, it's one of the VERY few Zinatra shirts ever made. I've known tons of people looking for a Zinatra shirt, but this isn't just any shirt, it actually belonged to the band, and it was made custom for Gino.

Please don't ask me if I would sell this, I would never sell this for any price. I'm just putting this picture here so people can see that a Zinatra shirt does actually exist, although it's impossible to find: