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Information & Samples Of My Videos

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Okay, first off, I am NOT the average trader. I am VERY passionate about music videos. I've been collecting music videos since I was only 13, I've got THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of videos, more than I even know what I have. All of my videos are high quality, uncompressed MPEG-2 (VOB) from the original sources. I do not acknowledge MPEG-1 or DivX/XviD compressed junk. Every single video that I have listed on my list are all from MPEG-2/DVDR, and I will not trade for compressed videos either, so make sure that you have DVDR/VOB quality videos before you write me.
All of my videos are very high quality picture, and remastered audio, so you will not find a video with bad audio on my list. I've taken time out and remastered every single video on my list.
Also, my videos are all recorded uncompressed MPEG-2, so there are no pixels like you'll find in most videos online. All of my Headbangers Ball videos are NOT from the episodes of HBB that I've got on my lists, they were all recorded directly off high quality episodes, not LP mode junk.

If your looking for Quality videos, you came to the right place. I always say quality, not quantity. I rather fit higher quality videos on a disc, over having 30 videos that look like total crap. I can make custom DVD-R's with whichever videos you need from my collection on them, with a custom menu, and I can fit up to 20 videos on one disc (in Highest Quality Mode). If I used SP I could fit up to 30 videos, depending on how long they are, but I prefer them to look crystal clear without any pixels. This is how all of my videos are, no pixels or digital noise.

***NOTE: ALL of my videos are 100% COMPLETE from beginning to end! I do NOT have any incomplete videos. If a video is incomplete, I will NOT post it on my list, no matter how great the quality is. You won't find ANY incomplete videos in my collection, so when you get videos from me, your getting the entire video!***

If your interested in any of the videos on my list, just email me, especially if you have anything from my want list. Some of the videos on my want list I have been looking for many many years, so I am willing to trade ANYTHING for some of them!

Here is an example of all of my sources, unlike some people who only have TV rips or DVD rips, I have sources from actual masters in some cases, which I know nobody else has most of this stuff. I've had many bands send me the original sources/masters for many videos to clean up and repair and send back, so I have a very unique list of videos in my collection. Not only do I have master sources but I also have thousands of videos from the MTV2 A To Z marathon which aired back in 2000, if a video you are looking for aired on the A To Z marathon, odds are I have it. I've also got extremely obscure videos from Tele5, Pure Rock Japan, VIVA, M3, MCM, RTL, TVE1 & TVE2, N.R.W., Music Tomato Japan, Bang Up Rock, SKY, SUPER, MTV Germany, MTV U.K., MTV Japan & MTV Brazil, Radio 1990, Night Flight, Much Music LOUD, Power Hour, Power 30, VH1's Friday Rock Show (both U.K. and U.S.), Headbangers Ball, MTV's Heavy Metal Mania, VH1 Classic, Telegenics, E.T. Videolink, Rockamerica, Laserdisc, VHS and many many more.
Feel free to write me and ask for samples of my videos, I can either send you a 30-second sample, or screen-shots (thumbnails), whichever you prefer, or both.


Here is a detailed example of my MTV2 video collection, you can expect ALL of my MTV2 videos to be crystal clear picture and sound quality. I've taken some screen-shots of some of my most popular requests so you can see exactly what I have to offer. Some of these MTV2 videos are EXTREMELY rare and hard to find, some of these you will not find better quality anywhere else. All of the videos on my list that are marked *MTV2 are from this source, here's some screen-shots,

(Please click on the pictures to enlarge):

Master Sources:

Here is a detailed example of the master source quality videos that I have. As you can probably imagine, most of these are totally clean videos with no logos or watermarks, taken directly from the original masters. Only a few have logos, but you won't find totally clean videos with this clear quality. I have quite a few videos from this source, the picture looks like DVD quality in most cases, unless the band originally filmed the video on VHS (such as the video for Sepultura - Inner Self). Some more low-budget videos were originally recorded on VHS sources for masters, and you won't find better quality because the original master source is VHS.
Here are some screen-shots of some of the master source quality videos that I've got:

VH1 Classic Videos:

Here are some examples of my VH1 Classic source videos. As you've probably realized by now if you've read most of this, I am VERY picky about quality. I am a perfectionist to say the least. I've been recording and collecting videos from VH1 Classic since 2002, so I have a HUGE collection of VH1 Classic videos alone. And these videos are NOT the absolute JUNK that you will find on .ru sites, or converted crap online. My videos were recorded DIRECTLY from VH1 Classic from my DVD recorder, straight from digital satellite TV source, every single video is crystal clear picture quality both video and audio is absolutely perfect. I recorded all of my videos directly to DVDR using a gold-pronged S-Video cable, NOT the regular RCA cables, and as always it enhances the picture quality. Also I recorded every video in XP mode, also known as HQ or 'Highest Quality' mode, it can only fit 1 hour of video on a DVDR, but I wanted perfect picture and sound quality when I captured these videos. I have TONS of VH1 Classic videos that you will simply not find anywhere else online, and if you do it won't be the same quality as my copies. Here are some examples of what I have, just so you can see how excellent the picture really looks:

VHS Source:

Here's some detailed examples of the regular VHS quality videos that I have. Although these videos came from regular VHS source, the quality is always still very good. I don't accept videos with tracking issues, so none of my videos have tracking problems, and you won't find any unwatchable videos in my collection.
I've taken some screen-shots of my very rare high quality videos so you can see exactly what I'm talking about. Videos marked VHS actually look really clear, and all of them have remastered audio as well.
Here are some screen-shots of some of them:

Digital TV Source (Non-VH1 Classic Videos):

Here are some screen-shots of some of my high quality digital TV source videos, these are not from VH1, these are recorded from VMC (Japanese digital TV channel), MTV Brazil and more.
Here are some screen-shots of some of my videos from digital satellite TV source:

Headbangers Ball S-VHS Masters:

Here's some examples of my excellent quality Headbangers Ball master source videos, these look so good, they look very close to DVD source picture. Every single video is crystal clear picture and sound, some of these videos are extremely rare, and many of them did not air during the MTV2 A To Z marathon, so this is the BEST possible quality you will find most of these.
Here are some screen-shots of some of my personal favorites:

Rockamerica & Telegenics U-Matic Sources:

Here's some examples of my Rockamerica and Telegenics official videos, all of these look AMAZING, crystal clear picture and sound both, they look even BETTER than DVD in my opinion! You won't believe how amazingly clear the picture is until you see these videos in action. Not only am I talking about Rockamerica and Telegnics, but also E.T. Videolink as well. All are the same very clear picture and sound. Here are some screen-shots of some of my favorites: