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CD Collection


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About PJ:
PJ is the BEST Person (And good friend of mine) I Have EVER Dealed with. Point blank. Visit You won't be sorry. If you're looking for a Rare metal CD you can't find, He has it. He found "The Forgotten Scroll" And that Leatherwolf "Street Ready" CD With the bonus track when i needed them the most. He dosen't deal with CD-R Or Bootleggers, Only 100% Original CD's! I Dedicated this page to Him. Take my word for it and visit his website. They should call him the GOD of metal! Cause he own just about every metal CD I've ever seen.
This site was created and dedicated to PJ!!!!
Thanks PJ!!
God of metal!
"If He Can't Find It, It Dosen't Exist!!"
-Ryan Wiles