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The Forgotten Scroll Info


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This section of my site is very important to Searious collectors. Otherwise, People who want a cheap bootleg can go get it, But their getting ripped off. There are 2 diffrent Apocrypha "The Forgotten Scroll" CD's out there. The Bootleg, And the Original, (The Original was only released in Japan in 1987, And only around 100 copies) And if you're really lucky, You'll find the original with the OBI. I've put some Diffrences and some Pics up so you can tell the diffrence!! If your Really looking for the original, Not the 128K Bootleg, Ask PJ At He is the God of metal CD's, He can supply you with one (I Know he helped me!!)
Here is how you can tell the Diffrence:

Click to download the Tracks, Quality is bad, But it's better than nothing.

1.Pendence (Keep The Faith)

2.Lost Children Of Hope

3.Holy Wars (Only Lock The Doors)

4.Fall Of The Crest

5.Tablet Of Destiny

6.Look To The Sun

7.Riding In The Night

8.Distorted Reflections

9.Broken Dream

This is the original CD, See how the colors are RED, And Not dull brown.

This is what the ORIGINAL CD Looks like!!!
Apocrypha - The Forgotten Scroll (Original Jap CD)
Don't be fooled by the bootleg. The colors are dull on it. Unlike this one.

This is the Bootleg CD & Insert.
Bootleg CD & Insert.

This is the OBI Card.
Apocrypha - The Forgotten Scroll (OBI Card Jap)
Original (Japan ONLY) OBI Card!

This is the Back Insert to the original japan CD.
Apocrypha - The Forgotten Scroll (Orig.Japa Back)

Here's the diffrence if you can't see it.
Look at the colors. The Original is Brite and just Better looking.
The other is Dull. The one on the right (Original) is Sharper.
The one on the Left (Bootleg) is Faded in color because it was printed from a Cheap Printer.

Bootleg Front.
Bootleg Front

Original Front.
Apocrypha - The Forgotten Scroll (Orig. Jap Front)