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CD Collection
The Quality Of My CD Inserts


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For BIGGER Size & To Keep it for your Own use, Right click the pic And select "Save As" Then save it to a .Jpg And View it, It' Jiant (Bigger for better quality of your CD Cover, I've scanned ALL The CD's covers i own off. But i didn't add them here, Their in my files. Ask me for them, Or to make you some (I Have a Very high quality color XP Printer and CD Cover/CD Paper).

Leatherwolf - Street Ready With Bonus Track
It's Alot Bigger Than This

Leather Wolf Street Ready Japan With Bonus (Back)
"Alone In The Night" Is at the Very bottom!
It's Bigger Too!

Now THIS Is the Original size! Big huh?! (CD)
"Alone In The Night"
Yes, This will be on the CD, No, It's not a fake either.